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BIG Financial Advisory Services:


A due diligence investigation is required during mergers, acquisitions and in the case of competitive tension. We are conversant in providing due diligence services across a wide spectrum of industries and clients.

Business Continuity

Business continuity requires uninterrupted availability of all key business resources required to support essential business activities. An organisation’s business strategies and decisions are based on an assumption of the business continuing as normal.

Business Performance Improvement

Business Performance Improvement is a series of business processes and applications which enables the execution of the business strategy. Stakeholders require organisations to reduce risks, improve business performance, minimise costs and enhance revenue.


Organisational structures are developed over time, as the needs of the organisation change and business environments adjust to an ever changing economic landscape. These structures often become overly complex, wasteful, and unsuited to current business requirements. Significant changes in the operating environment  provide an appropriate opportunity to streamline organisational structures in order to grow and mature

Business Process

Outsourcing has become a viable option for many businesses that have the need to grow and focus on their core business activities. A number of key support services can be performed on behalf of our clients.

Human Capital

People are the most important organisational asset. People define its character, affect its capacity to perform, and represent the knowledge-base of an organisation. As such, effective strategic human capital management must be evident. Organisations must become less hierarchical, process-oriented and inwardly focused; and more flat, results-oriented, integrated, and externally focused.

Management Services

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