Internal Audit Services (Accredited by IIA)
Sound systems of risk management and controls are now a pre-requisite. Coupled with a requirement for greater accountability as recommended by the King III Report on corporate governance, it is the responsibility of management to satisfy stakeholders with regards to the continuing integrity of organisational risk management and corporate governance processes.

We provide the following internal audit services:
• Compliance auditing;
• Performance auditing;
• Risk Management audits (King III);
• Internal Financial Controls audits (King III);
• Strategic and Predetermined Objectives audits;
• Performance Information audits; and
• Supply Chain Management audits – Probity Services

As a provider of the above-mentioned internal audit services, we recognise the current challenges and are able to offer constructive advice by:
• Assisting in the development of an ethos of sound and prudent management;
• Knowing the requirements of the regulatory or funding bodies concerned;
• Assist with the risk management process;
• Defining client specific needs and devising appropriate and proven solutions by drawing on our extensive experience;
• Being an integral part of the corporate governance process; and
• Using specialists as required to effectively address the clients’ needs.

Forensic Audit Services (Accredited by ACFE)
Our multi-disciplinary team of chartered accountants, lawyers, IT specialists and investigators are able to offer a comprehensive range of services, including:
• Fraud risk management;
• Fraud and misconduct investigations;
• Dispute advisory services;
• Forensic intelligence;
• Forensics; and
• Intellectual property services.

Risk Management Services (Accredited by IRMSA)
We recognise that risk is the driver of organisational activity. As such, corporate governance is the organisation’s strategic response to risk.

Success in understanding/managing in a risk environment requires elements such as:
• A thorough understanding of the business process;
• A framework and language for discussing risk among managers/auditors;
• A process to anticipate significant risk potential;
• A structure to enable the board of directors/members to effectively manage risks facing the organisation;
• Effective reporting on the internal control system (financial management) by the board of directors/members. This covers risks such as fraud, dishonesty and adherence to systems/procedures;
• Identifying of principle risks and uncertainties facing a ‘going concern’; and
• Establishing an independent audit committee as an essential safeguard.

Audit Committee Forums
Audit committees are an essential component of good corporate governance structures and processes within organisations. Having qualified and experienced audit as well as governance professionals ideally position us to act as members of audit committees to provide guidance to the organisation from a governance perspective.

IT Audit Services (Accredited by ISACA)
Organisations today rely more and more on information technology to manage their businesses and interact with customers and other organisations. As an Internal Audit service provider we ensure that appropriate controls are designed and operating effectively to manage these technology risks.

Our services include the following:
• General computer controls;
• Application controls;
• Designing, documentation, testing, remediation, implementation and training of IT controls;
• System design and pre / post -implementation reviews;
• Computer assisted audit techniques;
• Data conversion, interface and database reviews;
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery;
• Network Security; and
• Data Analytics.