Due Diligence Services
A due diligence investigation is required during mergers, acquisitions and in the case of competitive tension. Our scope of work is tailored to best suit your key focus and risk areas including: Financial, Tax, Human Resources, Operational and IT, Strategy and Commercial. We are conversant in providing due diligence services across a wide spectrum of industries and clients.

Business Continuity Planning
Business continuity requires uninterrupted availability of all key business resources required to support essential business activities. An organisation’s business strategies and decisions are based on an assumption of the business continuing as normal. Risk management is about setting up treatments which seek to prevent the occurrence of business interruption events (outages). It further entails establishing appropriate responses (Solutions) should such an event occur. Business continuity management is viewed as the component of risk management which establishes cost-effective solutions As such, it deals with actual/risk events which have occurred and the action required responding effectively, and complimenting the overall risk management process.

Business Performance Improvement
Business Performance Improvement is a series of business processes and applications which enables the execution of the business strategy. Business management today is not an exact science and stakeholders require organisations to reduce risks, improve business performance, minimise costs and enhance revenue. We assist our clients to attain an increased performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their company’s key business operations. By employing and utilising our deep understanding of finance, risk management and compliance, information technology systems, operations and human resources, we are ideally positioned to identify and implement cost saving initiatives, improve management and control as well as identify and manage risk in order to improve quality.

Organisational Re-structuring
Organisational structures are developed over time, as the needs of the organisation change and business environments adjust to an ever changing economic landscape. These structures often become overly complex, wasteful, and unsuited to current business requirements. Significant changes in the operating environment (e.g. appointing new CEOs and CIOs) provide an appropriate opportunity to streamline organisational structures in order to grow and mature.

Streamlining organisational structures provides several advantages:
• Focus management attention and resources on real organisational priorities;
• Improve staff satisfaction through the development of more rewarding roles;
• Focus and enhance staff capacity by reducing duplication;
• More effective operational processes by reducing organisational barriers;
• More effective ability to respond to future changes;
• Introduction of new equipment and technologies; and
• Managing costs effectively.

Business Process Outsourcing
Outsourcing has become a viable option for many businesses that have the need to grow and focus on their core business activities. A number of key support services can be performed on behalf of our clients.

BIG has a broad outsourcing services offering.
Our services include:
• Application Outsourcing;
• Business Process Outsourcing;
• Managed Services;
• Transaction Outsourcing (e.g. Finance, HR, Procurement); and
• Transformational Outsourcing.

Project and Programme Management Services
Our qualified programme and project managers have extensive experience and are in the position to adjust to your environment using either PMBOK or Prince2 methodologies to optimise the project management experience.

Financial Management Services and Standards
BIG provides financial management support and assists entities to achieve their operational, financial and strategic objectives. We develop and maintain a cost-effective system to ensure that the entity’s activities are managed effectively, efficiently and economically.

Such activities include but are not limited to the following:
• Policy and procedure design and implementation;
• Debtors control, budget control, reconciliation and clearing of suspense accounts;
• Preparation of Annual Financial Statements including performing reconciliations and audit files;
• Payroll, PAYE and VAT reconciliations;
• Assistance with clearing of audit queries; and
• Development and reconciliation of asset registers.

Supply Chain Management Services
We assist in both the private and public sectors in the provisioning of a complete and comprehensive procurement service. This includes the compilation of terms of reference, preparation of budgets, sourcing of technical expertise, evaluation of proposals and negotiation of contracts. We are also in the position to manage your procurement needs through a complete outsourcing model taking into account the current procurement legislation and requirements for B-BBEE Procurement.

Asset Management Services
We assist organisations through our partnerships to partially or fully outsource asset management of the organisation. We ensure compliance to GRAP, GAMAP, GAAP and IFRS standards in respect of disclosure requirements. This service includes all aspects of movable and immovable fixed asset registers.

Information Communication Technology Services
The success of a business enterprise is based on a number of factors, not least being its use of elegant Information Communication and Technology (ICT) solutions. ICT is a business enabler, not a standalone service and should be an integral part of formulating organisational goals and objectives. In choosing to make the distinction between Information Technology and Information Systems, we identify these two key components of successful Business Solutions using ICT.
Our service includes:
• Strategy;
• Solutions;
• Systems;
• Support.

Human Capital
People are the most important organisational asset. People define its character, affect its capacity to perform, and represent the knowledge-base of an organisation. As such, effective strategic human capital management must be evident. Organisations must become less hierarchical, process-oriented and inwardly focused; and more flat, results-oriented, integrated, and externally focused.

BIG offers the following Human Capital services:
• Organisational Review/Design and Restructure;
• Organisational Development;
• Change Management;
• Performance Management;
• Policies and Procedures (Development, Implementation, Training & Testing);
• Investigations and associated labour relations hearings and all legal work;
• Verification and Audits;
• Secondments;
• Employee surveys; and
• Business Process Outsourcing.